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Imported Che​mical Free Health and Beauty Products

A​ Taste of Africa Marketplace imports its products directly from Ghana. My supplier for these chemical free Health and Beauty products is Skin Gourmet Limited. Skin Gourmet is owned by my African sister and friend Violet Amoabeng. I’ve known Violet for about  two years now. Although she is Ghanaian, she spent 5 years in the US attending college in Atlanta Georgia. So, because her time in States, she is no stranger to how things operate in the U.S. While vacationing in Ghana I visited her Shoppe and bought some of her products, used them for over a year and found them to be ​amazing. She introduced me to the African Net Body Scrubber aka African Sponge and so many tips, tricks and othe​r products. During our lengthy conversation about skin care, health, God and good organic foods…She whips out her cell phone and shows me a picture of a lady. I said “Who is this?” she said “Me” and I said “What???” so I asked “what size where you on this photo? She answered, size 22-24. And what size are you now? ,Size 2. She informed me that this is how she looked leaving America after 5 years. Then I said “where is that Moringa and Baobab Powder Again???” 

by: Latreetha Obende, Owner and Visionary

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