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Testimony Blog

I’ve purchased like thousands of facial products, some actually worked but wasn’t effective enough.. to be honest didn’t know of clay and how effective it was for the skin. Till I researched about its benefits. Clay binds bacteria on the surface of the skin and deepens in the pores. It brings the dried up bacteria to the surface of the skin to then be washed away. This act reduces the overpopulation of pathogenic bacteria to friendly microflora, which is responsible for bacterial skin problems, acne, and even poison ivy. In other words, #clay masks work as a natural #antibiotic that can #heal skin infections and even remedy issues like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It is even more #effective than most antibiotics, as it will not entirely wipe out the colonies of friendly bacteria that promote #healthy #skin immunity. I started using @skingourmetgh Clay Mask! And it’s working perfectly!

Clay Mask

Never heard of detoxifying clay before? Well, then you may be very surprised to hear that it’s a “healing clay” that cleanses and heals the body. In fact, many people enjoy Ghanaian Clay benefits by taking internally (in other words, drinking and eating it), on top of using it externally on the skin.

Our Clay is sourced in the Wilds of Northern Ghana. We get our clay from termite and ant mounds.  Clay face masks benefit the skin by using capillary action to absorb substances on and beneath the skin's surface. They can absorb sebum, bacteria, water and various toxins and irritants from the skin and can exfoliate dead skin cells and blackheads without friction.

Baobab Sugar Scrub

This is probably one of the most refreshing scrubs you are ever going to use. It is great for polishing and exfoliating skin. Definitely a gourmet edition because it made with Baobab Fruit Pulp, White Sugar, Wild Northern Honey, Cold Pressed Coconut & Baobab Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. Works wonders on giving you that clean moisturized feeling and smooth face to boot!

190g net weight packed in a glass jar

Baobab Sugar Scrub